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Studying the Arts in Medieval Bohemia II

29. září v 8:00 - 30. září v 17:00

The conference will be held in a hybrid form (in-person and online). Participants giving a paper will be present in person.

We invite other interested colleagues to register by filling in the form at the following link:

Only registered colleagues will receive a Zoom link to participate in the meeting virtually.

Organiser contact: Ota Pavlíček (Prague), Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences,

Wednesday 29 September

10:00 Registration

10:30 Opening of the conference

Session I: Dissemination and Networking in Central Europe

10:40 Aurora Panzica (Université de Fribourg) Fifteenth-century Textbooks: John Versoris’s Commentaries, Their Dissemination and Reworking in Central and Eastern Europe

11:10 Zdeněk Žalud (Hussite Museum in Tábor) Astronomy and Astrology between Prague and Kraków in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century. Possible Transmission of Scholars, Manuscripts and Ideas

11:40 Discussion

12:00 Luncheon (speakers & invited guests)

Session II: From Paris to Prague: There and Back Again

14:00 Harald Berger (Universität Graz) A Scattered Prague Logic as an Example of the Reception of Parisian Philosophy at Prague

14:30 Monika Mansfeld (University of Łódź / University of Oxford) John of Münsterberg’s Theory of Universals

15:00 Discussion

15:20 Coffee break

15:40 Łukasz Tomanek (University of Silesia, Katowice) Did Henry Totting of Oyta Comment on De substantia orbis? Remarks on His Teaching Activity in Erfurt

16:10 Discussion

16:30 Ota Pavlíček (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) Presentation of the First Volume on Studying the Arts in Late Medieval Bohemia

18:30 Conference dinner (speakers & invited guests)

Thursday 30 September

Session III: Prague University Speeches

9:30 Petra Mutlová (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University) Creative and Derivative? Recommendation Speeches at Medieval Prague University

10:00 Dagmara Wójcik-Zega (Archives of the Jagiellonian University, Kraków) Master Bartholomew of Jasło (+1407) on Studying Arts in Prague and Krakow

10:30 Discussion

10:50 Coffee break

Session IV: the 1409 Prague Quodlibet: The Context of the Tradition and the Introductory Part

11:10 Ota Pavlíček (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) The 1409 Prague Quodlibet in the Context of Prague and Central European Quodlibetal Tradition

11:40 Luigi Campi (Università degli Studi di Milano) Notes on the Introductory Section of Matthias of Knín’s 1409 Quodlibet

12:10 Discussion

12:30 Luncheon (speakers & invited guests)

Session V: the 1409 Prague Quodlibet: Disentangling the Influences I

14:30 Miroslav Hanke (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) British Logic in Matthias of Knín’s 1409 Quodlibetal Handbook: Genres, Sources, Distinctions

15:00 Zuzana Lukšová (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) Astronomical Topics in Matthias Knín’s 1409 Quodlibetal Handbook: Authorities, Sources, Parallels

15:30 Discussion

15:50 Coffee break

Session VI: the 1409 Prague Quodlibet: Disentangling the Influences II

16:10 Lukáš Lička (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) An Eastward Diffusion: The Intensity of Light from Nicole Oresme to Matthias of Knín

16:40 Discussion

17:00 Final thoughts


29. září v 8:00
30. září v 17:00
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